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SEARCHLIGHT game in Unity, originally for the Brackeys Game Jam 2018

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Search Lights game in Unity, originally for the Brackeys Game Jam 2018

BrackeysGameJam2018 Original Post


Welcome to the first Brackeys game jam! Made by the Brackeys Discord community.


The theme for this year is: Light

Good luck, and have fun everyone. I hope we can see some amazing games!


Anyone (who is legally allowed to have an and discord account) is allowed to partake.

Teams are allowed, up to 4 members. To make finding teammates easier we made a crowdforge page.


It’s really easy to submit a game! (well the “making a game” part is a bit more difficult)

  • Click the “Join” button at the top (next to the countdown timer)
  • Find a team (optionally) at:
  • Join our Discord Server at:
  • ???
  • Make awesome games!
  • The jam will last from 25th August 9 a.m. (UTC+2) to 1st September 9 a.m. Voting will be on until 22nd September 9 a.m.


  • NSFW games aren’t allowed
  • Source must be included
  • Everything has to be made in the jam (you can’t use code or assets you made before or from other sources)
  • All game engines (and frameworks) are allowed
  • Generators (BFXR…) are allowed.
  • Assets from the asset store aren’t allowed (exceptions are: TextMesh Pro, ProBuilder, Post Processing Stack, and other Unity owned assets that won’t affect the game and are just to help a bit, meaning standard assets aren’t allowed)
  • After the jam is over you are allowed to make adjustments to your entry but you have to provide a change log
  • Helpful Programs
  • Here’s some useful (free!) programs to help you create your game:

Useful Tools:


Aim very small, a week may seem like a lot of time to make a big project, but it never works out that way. Keep it small, make a working game very fast and keep adding features and polishing from there.

Don’t worry if you come out of this jam with a not so great game. The point of the jam is to have fun working on new, interesting concepts. Think of it as a very stressful prototyping phase. Go crazy with ideas! After the jam you are able to polish it out and get a much better game out of it.

As this is a programming focused Discord server, don’t worry about crappy programmer’s art. The goal is to have a fun, working game.

If you are stuck on something, don’t stress over it. Go and do something else in the meantime, clear out your head. Game jams are a long sprint, the best thing you can do is not rush.

Can’t come up with ideas? Do something completely unrelated, inspiration comes from weird places you’d never expect.


Q: How do I submit my game?

A: Create a new game on and follow the instructions there. Or you could also upload it to a cloud storage service.

Q: What if we are working in a team?

A: The project lead is the one responsible for uploading the game. They should also specify the contributors in the submissions description.

Q: How do I include my source code?

A: Compress your project into a .zip file and upload it somewhere. Or you could use git and make a public repository.

Q: Where can I upload my game (if not using to host it)?

A: You can use any cloud storage service, most of which offer free tiers. Some of those are: Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, One Drive…

If you have any more questions feel free to ask in our Discord Server in the #gamejam_2018 channel (or ping @JamMaintainer).

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