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A small project intended for learning how to use UNET and NetworkBehaviour in Unity. This game (called E-Card) is taken from the popular anime/manga - Kaiji. I'm developing it as a 2-Player top-down videogame using a host+client model and NOT a standalone server with two clients

Unity 2018.2.6f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on September 13th, 2018
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To play the game:

  1. Download/Clone this repo. You only need the file to play it.

  2. Unzip the files from to a new folder and double-click the build.exe file to run it. Launch another instance of the game in the same way.

**When launching the games, if you’re only using one monitor like myself, I’d recommend lowering the resolution and checking windowed mode in order to switch between the games more easily. There is no AI/Single Player mode. This is a multiplayer game.

  1. Once you have both games open, click the Lan Host(H) button on one of the games to host a game. You may enter a player name for the host now. In the other game, click on the Lan Client© button.

  2. IMPORTANT: The game will start as soon as both players have entered their names. Each player will be assigned either HEADS or TAILS and a coin toss will determine who gets to pick the starting hand. The player with the slave hand starts first.

  3. If it is your turn, simply click on a card to play it face-down in front of you. Your opponent should do the same. The game will then determine the result of that round.

  4. Citizen vs Citizen : Draw. The round continues.
    Emperor vs Citizen : Emperor wins and that round ends. 1 Point is awarded to the player with the Emperor.
    Slave vs Citizen : Citizen wins and that round ends. 1 Point is awarded to the player with the Emperor.
    Slave vs Emperor : Slave wins and that round ends. 5 Points are awarded to the player with the Slave.

  5. A winner is determined after 4 rounds. The player with the higher score wins.

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