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Building blocks of gaze interaction in virtual/augmented reality (Unity code)

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EyeMRTK is a toolkit that makes it easy to develop gaze interactive projects in unity for VR/AR

Hardware compatibility

The current version of the code is tested on HTC VIVE hardware with both Tobii eye tracker and Pupil eye tracker.


  • Download and install Unity (tested on Version 2017.4.3f1. May not be compatible with higher versions)

  • If you want to try the example on Vive VR device you need to download and install Steam + SteamVR on your machine as well. This is not needed if you only want to work on the emulation mode.

  • To work with tobii eye tracker on Vive: Install tobii SDK for unity from HERE (tested on TobiiPro.SDK.Unity.Windows_1.5.0.942.unitypackage)

  • To work with Pupil eye tracker + Vive: Install Pupil Service from HERE (tested on Pupil software v1.7-42)

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More details and video tutorial

Get started: The basis of the first version of EyeMRTK was made as part of the materials of the COGAIN tutorial "Eyetracking in Virtual and Augmented Reality " presented at ETRA 2018. Find more details including the supplementary video at Building blocks for gaze interaction in VR (Unity code)

TODO: Guide.html


Code released under the MIT License.

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