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Stuff I use a lot, and a simple AnimationCurve-based tweening interface

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Unity Scripting Utilities

Stuff I use a lot, and a simple AnimationCurve-based tweening interface.

Add to projects using:
git submodule add https://github.com/williamrjackson/UnityScriptingUtilities.git Assets\ScriptingUtils


Provides values as plotted on an Animation Curve. Used a lot like Mathf.Lerp, except not linear.

Includes a bunch of functions to manipulate transforms/audio over time. For example, the following will scale, move and rotate a transfrom into a position over 5 seconds. The target position is defined by a sibling transfrom.

Presets for common ease curves from https://github.com/nobutaka/EasingCurvePresets are included

   Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Ease.MatchSibling(transform, targetTransform, 5);
//                       ^        ^          ^            ^           ^
//                     curve   function   affected   destination   duration

Manipulation Functions

Move (local space)
MoveWorld (world space)
CrossfadeAudio (smoothly transitions between two audio sources)

Arguments & Common Modifiers

tForm          - Transform to affect
to             - Target destination/rotation/volume/etc.
duration       - Length of time in seconds for the manipulation to complete. 
                 Applies to a single loop/pingPong iteration
mirrorCurve    - Swap the in/out curve shapes. 
                 Get EaseOut by combining the EaseIn curve  with this flag
loop           - Repeat the manipulation this many times
pingPong       - Repeat the manipulation forward, then backward, this many times
mirrorPingPong - pingPong, but inverts the curve when pefrombackward manipulations
useTimeScale   - Set this to false to ignore time scaling
shortestPath   - In the case of manipulations that include rotation, this will cause minimal
                 possible rotation to get to the target. Without this, a rotation difference > 360 
                 will result in a full positive rotation before reaching the target.
onDone         - Specify a function to call when the operation completes

There are simplified GameObject and Transform Extension Methods for linear and ease manipulations:

go.Move(destination, duration);
go.EaseMove(destination, duration);
go.Rotate(targetRotation, duration);
go.EaseRotate(targetRotation, duration);
go.Scale(targetScale, duration);
go.EaseScale(TargetScale, duration);
go.SnapToSibling(targetSibling, duration);
go.EaseSnapToSibling(targetSibling, duration);
go.Color(desiredColor, duration);
go.Alpha(desiredAlpha, duration);


Test Bed Example

float duration = 4.0f

// Black Cube
Vector3 blackTargetPos = blackTransform.localPosition + Vector3.up * 5 + Vector3.right * -1.5f;
Vector3 blackTargetRot = Vector3.up * 135;

Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Linear.Move(blackTransform, linTargetPos, duration, pingPong: 10);
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Linear.Rotate(blackTransform, blackTargetRot, duration, shortestPath: false, pingPong: 10);
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Ease.ChangeColor(blackTransform, Color.black, duration, pingPong: 10);

// Red Cube
Vector3 redTargetPos = redTransform.localPosition + Vector3.up * 5 + Vector3.right * .5f;
Vector3 redTargetRot = Vector3.up * -360;

Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.EaseIn.Move(redTransform, redTargetPos, duration, mirrorCurve: false, pingPong: 10);
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.EaseIn.Rotate(redTransform, redTargetRot, duration, shortestPath: false, pingPong: 10);
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Ease.ChangeColor(redTransform, Color.red, duration, pingPong: 10);

// Blue Cube
Vector3 blueTargetPos = blueTransform.localPosition + Vector3.up * 5 + Vector3.right * -.5f;
Vector3 blueTargetRot = Vector3.forward * -720;

Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.EaseIn.Move(blueTransform, blueTargetPos, duration, mirrorCurve: true, pingPong: 10);
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.EaseIn.Rotate(blueTransform, blueTargetRot, duration, shortestPath: false, mirrorPingPong: 10);
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Ease.ChangeColor(blueTransform, Color.blue, duration, pingPong: 10);

// Purple Cube
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Ease.MatchSibling(purpleTransform, targetTransform, duration, pingPong: 10);
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Ease.ChangeColor(purpleTransform, Color.magenta, duration, pingPong: 10);

// Purple Cube's Target
Wrj.Utils.MapToCurve.Ease.FadeAlpha(targetTransform, 0, duration, pingPong: 10);


Also includes a Weighted Random GameObject class (demonstrated on the right in the gif above).

Each GameObject in an array gets an int representing its weight. Higher weights are more likely for selection When WeightedGameObjects.GetRandom() is called.

Utility Functions

  • EnsureComponent<T>(GameObject)
    • Returns a component instance by finding the one on the game object, or by adding one if not found.
  • Delay(delayTime, () => Method(withParams))
    • Issues a command after the specified delayTime elapses.
  • Switcheroo<T>(ref T a, ref T b)
    • Swap items
  • AffectGORecursively(GameObject, AnyFunctionThatTakesAGameObj)
    • Call AnyFunctionThatTakesAGameObj for GameObject and all of it’s children.
  • GetPositiveAngle(float OR Vector3)
    • Ensure an angle in degrees is within 0 - 360
  • Remap(value, sourceMin, sourceMax, destMin, destMax)
    • Linearly remaps a value from a source range to a desired range
  • QuadraticBezierCurve(origin, influence, destination, pointCount)
    • Get an array of points representing a quadratic bezier curve.
  • CubicBezierCurve(origin, influenceA, influnceB, destination, pointCount)
    • Get an array of points representing a cubic bezier curve.
  • FromFeet(feet)
    • Convert feet into Unity Units. Because I’m a silly American that can only visualise space in US standard units.
  • FromInches(inches)
    • Convert inches into Unity Units.
  • FromInches(inches)
    • Convert inches into Unity Units.
  • String.PrependAn(capitalize)
    • Prepends either “A” or “An” depending on the word.

Bezier Path Editor

Editor scripts to create paths. MapToCurve includes a tween to follow paths over a duration using a speed curve.


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