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🎴 Machine learning and networking application.

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️not another demo


Machine learning and networking application.
Created with Unity to showcase AI behaviors and networking capabilities.

License: MIT Follow @acfromspace


not another demo is a application with the following features:

  • Premise. Create a game application that showcases artificial intelligence manuevers such as “Lazy Flight” and “Circle a Tree” behaviors. Also showcase networking capabilities so two players can coexist in the same environment from different computers.
  • Design. A simple main menu that showcases each of the designs.
  • Future endeavors. Showcasing more of the same, perhaps a game that learns the player’s movements as the player goes through more designs to better enhance the machine learning.

Quick Installation

  • Clone the repo git clone
  • Change directory cd notanotherdemo
  • Change directory cd Game Executable
  • Activate the .exe

🎮 Controls

Use mouse to navigate the menu.

🤔 What’s inside?

A quick look at the top-level files and directories you’ll see in this project.

1 ├── Development Area/
2 ├── Game Documentation/
3 ├── Game Executable/
4 ├── .gitignore
5 ├── avatar.png
6 ├── LICENSE   
7 └──
  1. Development Area/: Unity project files.
  2. Game Documentation/: Analysis of Networking Platform and Game Design Document (GDD).
  3. Game Executable/: The droids you’re looking for are here.
  4. .gitignore: This file tells .git which files it should not track nor maintain a version history for. For instance, you shouldn’t let anyone get your .env files. (These usually contain your API keys)
  5. avatar.png: Image used in the
  6. LICENSE: An open source license that protects contributors and users depending on the license chosen.
  7. A markdown file containing useful reference information about your project. The file you’re reading right now!

🚔 License

The code in this project is under a specific open source license.

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