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This is a addon to add support for Photon PUN multiplayer in the Invector Template package for unity.

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The last version this plugin worked for is version 1.3.0 of invector.


This is meant as a addon for the Unity Invector Package to add multiplayer support.

Follow On The Invector Forums:

Pre-Setup Process

Follow these steps to setup photon to use this package properly.

  1. Go To:

  2. Sign Up for a free account (or us the one you already have)

  3. Go to your account page and setup a new app

  4. Grab your AppId

  5. Download PUN 2 from the Asset Store to Unity (NOT PUN)

  6. When the project starts add your appid from your created photon app to the pop-up window.

  7. Done!


  1. Make sure the Invector Package is imported

  2. Make sure the pre-setup section is done!

  3. Import this package only selecting the modify scripts

  4. Open the menu Invector/Multiplayer/Add Multiplayer To Invector Scripts

  5. When done re-import this package and select everything

  6. Open Invector/Multiplayer/Make Player Multiplayer Compatible

  7. Follow the help box instructions

  8. When done make the player multiplayer compatible run the Invector/Multiplayer/Convert Scene To Multiplayer

  • Note: This allows you to select which objects to modify. It is suggested to leave the tick box checked to avoid any problems.
  1. Then run “Convert Prefabs To Multiplayer”
  2. When done there run “(Optional) Setup Example UI”
  3. Select the “Network Manager” Gameobject and delete “PUN_Lobby UI”
  • This is legacy code that I forgot to remove from the latest release. Easy enough to delete the component though 😃

You’re Done!

Convert Scene To Multiplayer

This will find all Invector components on gameobjects and Rigidbodies that can be made to correctly sync or work with multiplayer.

Add Multiplayer To Invector Scripts

This will modify the actual invector scripts to work with multiplayer.

Create Network Manager

This creates the network manager gameobject. You don’t really need to run this as the “Make Player Multiplayer Compatible” option will do the same thing.

Make Player Multiplayer Compatible

This copies your gameobject, adds needed components, creates a network manager (with example UI), and setups up the PhotonView component with needed values. It also makes a prefab of this compatible player and assigns that player to the spawnable player for the network manager.

Convert Prefabs To Multiplayer

This first scans your entire project for ALL prefabs. Then it filters the prefabs based on invector components that could be converted to work with multiplayer (PUN_* override versions). You select the prefabs you wish to update and it will apply the PUN override versions of the invector components and copy over all of the settings from the original component to the PUN override version.

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