Virtual Logic Labs


Final Archive for the 2018 Spring Semester Software Engineering project called Virtual Logic Labs for the Rutgers University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Group 10: Khalid Akash (Team and technical lead), Vikas Khan, Dhruvik Patel, Joe Cella, Sagar Phanda, Yiwen Tao.

Demo Preview of the Project

To run the program, simply go run DemoVLL.exe in the root directory. Another way to run the program is to download the Unity Engine Framework and open the root directory as a project, and run the ‘Login.unity’ scene.

For the future, if the online database is no longer operational, simply login to the Student Subsystem with the following values-
Username: student
Password: student

To login to the Admin Subsystem, enter the following values-
Username: admin
Password: admin