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3D Advance Wars tribute game made with Unity.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on July 19th, 2014
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An open source 3D Advance Wars game made with Unity.


Created by Corey Zeke Womack (Torrunt) - -

Advance Wars © Nintendo and Intelligent Systems

Idea based on the Advance Wars: VG Remix done by klamp on the Polycount Forums

3D Models made by Corey, using klamp’s work as a reference (Textures from klamp)

Icons from and

Music from (ripped from Advance Wars: Dual Strike)

Advances Wars 2 GBA font by Patrick Lauke

Outlined/Silhouetted Diffuse Shader by AnomalousUnderdog

Transparent/VertexLit Shader by Aras Pranckevicius

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