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Enables you to inspect and edit object references, and easily embed such objects as subassets.

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Just clone this repo somewhere inside your Unity project’s Assets folder.


Apply the InspectInlineAttribute to member variables that reference objects derived from UnityEngine.Object (e.g. UnityEngine.ScriptableObject subclasses). It provides the following configuration options:

  • bool canEditRemoteTarget - Enable inline editing of the referenced object even if it resides in a different asset file.

  • bool canCreateSubasset - Directs the InspectInlineDrawer to embed the referenced object as a subasset in the same asset file.

    public class SampleAsset : ScriptableObject

        [InspectInline(canEditRemoteTarget = true)]
        public SampleSubasset remoteTarget;

        [InspectInline(canCreateSubasset = true)]
        public SampleSubassetWithVectorAndColorValues concreteSubasset;

        [InspectInline(canCreateSubasset = true)]
        public SampleSubasset polymorphicSubasset;



This subclass of UnityEditor.PropertyDrawer draws the object selection field, and when the referenced object is not null, it also draws the associated inspector for that object immediately below the object selection field.

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