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SpatialOS GDK for Unity

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 185 days agoCreated on June 13th, 2018
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The SpatialOS Game Development Kit (GDK) for Unity allows you to quickly and easily build and host Unity multiplayer games. These games can use multiple server-side game engines across one seamless world to create new kinds of gameplay.

If you’re a Unity game developer and ready to try out the GDK, follow the Get started guide.

The SpatialOS GDK for Unity is in alpha. We are committed to rapid development of the GDK to improve stability, usability, and performance - for information on this, see our development roadmap and contact us via our forums, or on Discord. Sign up to our mailing list to get updates about the GDK for Unity.

Developing on the GDK

We recommend that you start developing with the Blank Starter Project or the First Person Shooter (FPS) Starter Project.

If you’d like to develop on this repository, there is a little bit of additional setup:

Developer dependencies

In addition to the dependencies listed here, you will need the following programs present on your PATH:


  1. Checkout this repository.
  2. Run or init.ps1 to download the dependencies.
  3. Open the Unity project in workers/unity.

Why do I need to hit init?

As of release 0.2.5, we publish the dependencies as UPM (NPM) packages. This repository contains the source for these packages, but dependencies such as the Worker SDK and schema standard library are not committed to the repository. downloads these dependencies and puts them in the correct place.

If you fail to run before opening Unity, Unity will delete the .meta files associated with the files downloaded by If this happens to you, run git reset --hard to reset the repostory back to a good state. Note that this is a destructive git operation, so any un-committed changes will be lost.

Having problems?

If you are unable to resolve your issue, please raise an issue in this repository or find us on the forums or Discord.

This is the alpha release of the SpatialOS GDK for Unity. We invite projects to start using it but warn that all APIs are subject to change as we learn from feedback.

Give us feedback

We have released the GDK this early in development because we want your feedback. Please come and talk to us about the software and the documentation via:

  • Discord

    Find us in the #unity channel. You may need to grab Discord here.

  • The SpatialOS forums

    Visit the feedback section in our forums and use the unity-gdk tag. This link takes you there and pre-fills the category and tag.

  • Github issues

    Create an issue in this repository.


We are not currently accepting public contributions - see our contributions policy. However, we are accepting issues and will gratefully appreciate your feedback.

  • Version: alpha
  • Your access to and use of the Unity Engine is governed by the Unity Engine End User License Agreement. Please ensure that you have agreed to those terms before you access or use the Unity Engine.

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