AR Treasure Hunt


An Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt game Build using Unity and Vuforia

Source code for Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt held at Kollam as part of Conjura, AKYS, Techfest of CE.

Starter code and assets from

File Structure is bit messy. Pull requests after cleanup are invited.


One of the scene requires phone with Gryscope sensor to work. Remove it if you want.


  1. Setup Vuforia Config
    1. Get api key from vuforia and add to vuforia config.
  2. Add image targets
    1. Create your own image target database at vuforia
    2. Import them the database to your project
    3. Enable you own datasets instead of mine
  3. Customize clues in “clue#” scenes
  4. Insert image targets in “scene#”
  5. Add next “clue#” scene name to “scene#”
  6. Duplicate “clue#” and "scene for as many levels you like
  7. Build apks

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