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A 2D endless space shooter using unity scripted with C#.

Unknown VersionApache License 2.0Updated 2 years agoCreated on January 6th, 2018
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A 2D endless space shooter using unity scripted with C#.

The project was created on Unity 4.6 then transferred to Unity 5 and ultimately Unity 2017.3 for WebGL build purposes.

Some Features of my version of the game: -

  1. Play According to your mood (Get groovy with Upbeat music or Enjoy the blissful journey with calm music.)

    • Features 6 sound tracks

    • Tracks divided into two sets of 3 songs each (Pre-sets - a. Upbeat b. Calm)

    • Pre-set is randomly selected at load of the game (Refresh your browser if you are unlucky)

  2. More freedom on Player Ship -.Movement possible even in Y - axis also.

    • Added tilting of spaceship with movement

    • Added Bombs with cool down time. .

  3. Feast your eyes with colour.

    • Extensive use of particle system (Explosion, Play Space, Projectile trails, Thrusters, UI elements on event etc…)
  4. Adjustable volume for Music and SFX

    • Adjust in Settings
  5. Challenging Enemies

    • Enemies come in waves with each wave being more difficult and more rewarding

So on…

PS: Game Sprites taken from Unlucky Studios Giveaway - Space Ship Game Arts

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