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VR projects done through the Udacity VR Nanodegree

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by Stephen Sladek

This is a repo for my VR projects done through the Udacity VR Nanodegree. I’ll post projects as they’re completed as I’m still in progress on the nanodegree. All Term 1 and Term 2 projects have been built using the SDK for Google Cardboard and tested using a Samsung Galaxy S5 running API 19.

Project Completed

Term 1

  • Carnival
    • Customized a prebuilt carnival scene to get familiar with the Unity Engine and C#.
  • Apartment
    • Became more familiar with the lighting, animation and positioning components of Unity by creating an aprtment room.
  • Maze
    • This project pulled everything together for Term 1. I did a lot of C# scripting, got experience with lighting optimization, and creating a waypoint system.

Term 2

  • Puzzler
    • This is actually just a really awesome version of Simon Says. I learned techniques for designing for VR experiences, user testing, iteration and documentation.
  • Night at the Museum
    • Developed even more experience for VR design. Unlike the previous 4 projects that came with assets to work with, this project was completely done from scratch. I learned basic 3D modelling, and gained more VR design experience.

Projects in Progress

Term 3

  • Rube Goldberg Game
    • Focuses on building a game for Desktop VR
  • Performance Bounceback
    • Focuses on optimization
  • Capstone
    • Brings it all together to create a custom VR experience

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