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Unity Project of the augmented reality insurance card showcase

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Showcase: Augmented Reality Insurance Card


This showcase uses an Image Target to identify an insurance card (yes, it won’t work on other cards 💳) and projects 2D/3D data on it. To keep it simple, we reduced it to:

  • Full Name
  • Customer Number
  • Social Insurance Number (in Switzerland we call it AHV number)
  • Settled and Remaining Deductible
  • Settled and Remaining Copayment

For more detailed information, check out our Medium post: “Showcase: Augmented Reality Insurance Card” at


  • Webcam
  • Vuforia 7.5.20
  • Unity (version used in this project: 2018.2.12f1)

Getting started

  1. Pull the code

git clone

  1. Open Unity and select open dialog.

Unity Dialog

  1. Navigate to checked out codebase, select the folder and click on open.

Open Dialog

  1. After the project is loaded, use project window, to select Assets and double click Insurance Card (Scene).

Scene selection

  1. Click on play (⌘-P) to compile and run project. Hold a swiss insurance card (or printout) into webcam.

Unity Preview

  1. (optional) Go to File -> Build Settings, select desired platform (android or ios) and click on build.


Augmented Reality Insurance Card

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