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Multiplayer physics game made with Unity for the final project in Computer Science at UDG

Unity 5.4.0f3Unknown LicenseUpdated 358 days agoCreated on May 16th, 2018
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Physics Multiplayer Game

Final work for Bachlors Degree in Computer Science.

This is a Unity made Competitive Online Multiplayer game with two game modes where the main mechanic is collide with the other players.

  • Capture the area: 1 vs 1 where players compete for areas that appears randomly on the map.

  • King of the hill: 1 vs 1 where players have to take their oponent outside the gameplay area. The gameplay area is randomly generated each round.


Main menu

Options menu

Customization menu

Connect to game menu


Capture fight

Capture end

Guard skill

Jump skill

Shrink skill

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