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A unity mobile game developed as part of my course work for Mobile Applications in GMIT.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on October 11th, 2018
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Video of the Game

Playtrough of Game:

Level 1 -3 Playthrough

Death Example:


Main features

  • Basic movement (Walking side to side)
  • Attacking (Punching ememies)
  • 3 Levels with a boss at the end of each level
  • Custom animations (attacking, walking)
  • Sound effects
  • Menu’s for main menu, choosing levels, death and game done
  • Player health
  • Custom UI
  • Touch controls


Oct 11, 2018

Start of project. Setup local and remote repo for project

Oct 12, 2018

Created level 1 scene to get core mechanics working.
Added player movement and fixed issue with player moving after user input stopped (Sliding effect).
Added collision detection to player so they stay on the ground.

Oct 24, 2018

Added main menu scene. Setup main menu with popout level select. Level buttons setup and testing with level 1 scene.
Created a game logo and set it in the main menu.
Added player animation using animator function.

Oct 25, 2018

Added design document to repo for viewing.
All level buttons on main menu setup and linked to future levels.
Did basic clutter removal, removing gameobjects and assets from earlier testing phase.
Changed menu design to feature a bill board for the city aesthetic.
Revamed player collision for future enemy collision.
Added settings bubble to menu and have it popping out when you click settings.

October Review

A lot of ground work has been completed. The basics have been added with player movement a collision system and basic world objects.
A solid foundation to build from. In the next weeks enenmies need to be added and a spawning system need to be put in place for enemies.


Nov 8, 2018

Added trigger testing to enemies for player damage.
Added player movement using arrow keys.
Added trigger for enemy spawning.
Remade sprites for higher resolution.

Nov 9, 2018

Created new sprite sheet for player that involves a new melee animation.
Made enemy spawn a one time trigger.
Level audio added and loops.

Nov 12, 2018

Added player punching animations.
Changed camera to be a child object of player.
Edited audio levels of level music.
New animation system using scripts.

Nov 13, 2018

Player trigger only activates when punchin. Trigger only activates when punching.
Added basic enemy character.
Testing trigger with other enemy object.
Added a health system to player.

Nov 14, 2018

Added enemy movement. Enemy now moves towards player from it’s current posiiton.

Nov 22, 2018

New health system added.
Added system for enemies to damage player health.
Player health system up and running. Takes damage from enemies.

Nov 23, 2018

CHanged enemy speed to stop them running at the player too quickly.
Tidied up files and removed assets that are no longer in use.
Fixed bugs to do with player and the new health system.
Changed player trigger sizes as they were a bit too large.

Nov 28, 2018

Got enemy spawner working and cloning enemies into the area.

Nov 29, 2018

Added a time delay to enemy spawner as all enemies spawned at once.
Added second spawnpoint to make enemies come from left and right of screen.

Novemeber Review

A lot of work with enemies has been completed. Some things that need to get done ar:

  • Bosses at end of level
  • Pizza health increase
  • Added more sounds
  • More levels

It might seem like a lot of work but all the hard work has been completed. Now I just need to bulk up current scripts to add the ability to increase health such as reverting the enemy damage script and adding it to a pizza png object.
More levles involves finishing current challanges anf moveing them to the new level.

December I will add these features and bug test the game before submission.


Dec 3, 2018

Tagged clonned enemies with different tag as the old way would cause issues with the player special ability later on.
Changed player speed to make the game play a bit faster.
Trigger now releases player when they have killed all enemeies in that section.
Added sound for player punching.
Testing second spawn point in level 1.
Enemies now animate towards the player and punch in the direction of the player.
Created boss enemy to level at end of the game.
Added map switch on boss death (Later changed to a collider behind the boss for better transition between levels).
Added death menu scene to inform the user they failed. Giving them the option to exit the application or go back to the main menu.
Lots of tyding up (Moving assets, removing assets, renaming scripts…etc).
Lots of bug fixed to do with new and old assets.

Dec 4, 2018

Small changes to enemies (Speed, health and collider).
Added increase health function to player health script.
Added pizza with sound effect and created sound effect function for audio souce. Pizza called function in player health when collided with to add health to player. The pizza is the nremoved from the scene when used up.
Added touch controls to scene (Moving left, right punch and special).
Added program settings (Added picture, logo and icon to program).

Dec 5, 2018

Changed UI elements (Icons and position).
Special functionality added. Special button can only be clicked once as you get one try per level. Counter is instantiated once each level.
Added timer to UI. Counter that dislays minutes, seconds and miliseconds spent on the level.
Added score system to UI. Each enemy adds 10 points to score.
Added level 2 and transition working.

Dec 6, 2018

Added static method for holding data between levels (Health, Score and specials remaining). All data is read by level 2 and 3 after each has been complete.
Level 2 now gets previous scene data from static class. Data such as health, score and specials carry over to new levels.
Added end of game stats screen and scene to project. This scene is shown after the user finishes level 3. It shows them their score health remaining and specials remaining.
Commented every script.
Lots of bugs removed. Extensive testing of each scene to find bugs.

Decemeber Review

In the last few days of work vefore submission in December I got the remianing work done which mainly involved copying function I already created and creating new scenes for the player.


Unit Testing

I tested each scene and every object I added to the scene during development to ensure quality was met while the project was in development. This involved not playing the game just yet but breaking every game object down and testing for bugs in anyway I thouhg one could accour. I tested the boundaries of every counter and every timer to see if an error would surface, and if one did I would work on fixing it before proceeding.

Intergration Testing

Once all the objects were tested indivdually the next step in testing had to be undertaken. I had to test the game objects interacting in the scene with one another and remove and bugs that may have appeared. Lots of small errors were found with this method when testing the game from level 1 - 3.

System Testing

I build an android app using the andoid SDK and tested the built APK file on my OnePlus 3T. It performed just like it did during development. There was an issue with the UI which was fixed in the next patch.

Acceptance Testing

The project was handed off to James O’Hanlon for review. After which he was happy with the project and the progress which had been made.

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