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Spellcasting in Virtual Reality!

Unity 2018.2.14f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 172 days agoCreated on October 17th, 2018
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1 HP Wizard Menu


1 HP Wizard is a multi-level, gesture-based, spellcasting game. In this game, the user stands in a stationary location and fends off waves of enemies homing in on their position.

The player will have to react quickly and strategically since it only takes one hit to defeat them.

Notice: The server that this game runs its gesture recognition on has been shut down. You can contact me if you still wish to try this game out so we can work something out.

Getting Started (Just Playing)


  • Oculus (Software)
  • Oculus Rift (Hardware)
  • Internet connection

Downloading (55.3MB)

  1. Go to the release page by clicking this link


  2. Click the most recent Build.zip to download the latest build

  3. Unzip the Build.zip at the location where you would like to store the game.

    Only the Windows version is available at present time.


Double click 1 HP Wizard.exe from the folder from the previous step to start the game.

In-game Pictures

1 HP Wizard Level 1

Getting Started (Development)


  • Oculus (Software)
  • Oculus Rift (Hardware)
  • Unity 2018.2.14f1 (for development)

Downloading (1.77G)

Clone this project.

cd CLONE_LOCATION (use cd to navigate to your desired clone location)

git clone git@github.com:scott0123/1-HP-Wizard.git or git clone https://github.com/scott0123/1-HP-Wizard.git


  • 1-HP-Wizard/Assets/Scenes/Menu.unity
  • 1-HP-Wizard/Assets/Scenes/Tutorial.unity
  • 1-HP-Wizard/Assets/Scenes/Level1.unity
  • 1-HP-Wizard/Assets/Scenes/Level2.unity
  • 1-HP-Wizard/Assets/Scenes/Level3.unity


File > Build Settings

Select your target platform.


Select your build location.



1 HP Wizard Scene 1 1 HP Wizard Scene 2 1 HP Wizard Scene 3

Modeling (Blender)

1 HP Wizard Inferno 1 HP Wizard Desert

Spell gestures

Fireball gesture Lightning gesture Ice gesture Earth gesture Air gesture Shield gesture

Game Design Document


Project initial proposal


Gesture collection data sample

3D representation of one of our earth gestures datasets.

This is used to train the Earth Class in our model. Earth gesture 3d

3D representation of one of our erroneous gestures datasets. This is used to train the Unknown Class in our model. Error gesture 3d

Gesture Model Serving Architecture

Gesture Model Serving Architecture

Class Hierarchy

Hierarchy image


Theme image


You may reach me at 1hpwizard@scott-liu.com to inquire about this project.

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