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Svelto ECS C# Lightweight Data Oriented Entity Component System Framework

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Svelto Entity Component System 2.8


Real ECS framework for c#. Enables to write encapsulated, decoupled, maintainable, highly efficient, data oriented, cache friendly, multi-threaded (if used with Svelto.Tasks), code without pain. Although the framework is platform agnostic (compatible with c# 7 and .net standard 2.0), it comes with several Unity extensions.

Why using Svelto.ECS with Unity?

Svelto.ECS wasn’t born just from the needs of a large team, but also as result of years of reasoning behind software engineering applied to game development(*). Compared to Unity.ECS the main goals and reasons for Svelto.ECS to exist are different enough to justify its on going development (plus Svelto is platform agnostic, so it has been written with portability in mind). Svelto.ECS hasn’t been built just to develop faster code, it has been built to help develop better code. Performance gain is one of the benefits in using Svelto.ECS, as ECS in general is a great way to write cache-friendly code, but the main reasons why Svelto.ECS has been developed orbit around the shifting of paradigm from Object Oriented Programming, the consequent improvement of the code design and maintainability, the approachability by junior programmers that won’t need to worry too much about the architecture and can focus on the solution of the problems thanks to the rigid directions that the framework gives. Svelto.ECS is the result of years of iteration of the ECS paradigm applied to real game development with the intent to be “junior coder proof”.

Official Examples

Official Articles

Framework articles:

Theory related articles (in order of publishing date):

Note: I included the IoC articles just to show how I shifted over the years from using an IoC container to use an ECS framework and the rationale behind its adoption.

The perfect companion for Svelto.ECS is Svelto.Tasks to run the logic of the Systems even on other threads!

Users Generated Content

User experiments (may use old versions of Svelto)

Please share your Svelto projects with me!

Users articles (may use old versions of Svelto)

If you write an article about Svelto, please let me know, I will add it here!

User made inspectors (may use old versions of Svelto)

Official Chat

Unity official forum thread (I don’t update it anymore):

Note: don’t beat yourself up if you find Svelto.ECS hard to use at first. The framework is very light in features, but it forces the use of a new coding paradigm and shifting code paradigm is hard! I will try to clarify all the concepts writing more and more articles

In case of bugs

Best option is to fork and clone, add a new test to reproduce the problem and request a pull. Then open a github, I come here pretty often 😃. Also feel free to contact me on twitter or leave comments on the blog!

The Github wiki page

It needs love and as far as I understood, anyone can edit it. Feel free to do so if you have a good understanding of Svelto!

I like the project, how can I help?

Hey thanks a lot for considering this. You can help in several ways. The simplest is to talk about Svelto.ECS and spread the word, more we are, better it is for the community. Then you can help with the documentation, updating the wiki or writing your own articles. Svelto.ECS has all the features needed to make a game with the ECS pattern, but many tools are still missed: visual debugger and generic serialization to name a few. Other platforms other than Unity need a lot of love too, like Xenko, Godot and monogame. Porting to other languages, expecially c++, would be awesome!

Svelto Framework is used to develop the following products(*):

Robocraft Infinity Cardlife RobocraftX

*if you want your products made with Svelto here, just send me an email or whatever, I’ll be super happy to add them.

Note: Dear Svelto Users : Although I am committed to help you and write articles as much as I can, I will never be able to keep all the documentation up to date. If you are a happy svelto user and you want to contribute, please feel free to update the github wiki! 🙏👊

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