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compute shader, tiled terrain, splatmap generation, v2018.3b09

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TerrainPainter is a splatmap generation tool based on GPU computing.

Features :

  • paint rules (height, slope, masks etc.)
  • mask generation (flowmap, convexity, concavity, aspect, texture map)
  • compatible unity‚Äôs terrain system.
  • custom terrain shader :

    triplanar mapping, height blending, tiling reduction

  • manual painting

Using Asset :

1- Create TerrainPainter_Splat prototype in project panel.

2- Create a game object. And add TerrainPainter_Manager component.

3- Add TerrainPainter_Splat prototypes to TerrainPainter_Manager component.

4- Click on image you want to edit. Parameters tab will be opened.

5- After that just tweak parameters to see effect.

For adjusting tiling size, use TerrainLayer tileSize and tileOffset paramters.

Textures are from https://freepbr.com and https://cgbookcase.com. Texture size restricted to 512px for uploading github.

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