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Selection history and navigation for Unity

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Unity Selection History

Have you ever wished you could go to your previous selection in Unity without having to manually click it again?

Now you can!


In this demo I’m going backwards and forwards in my selection history using the side buttons on my mouse:



  • Navigate backwards and forwards in your selection history (like undo/redo).
  • Remembers selections of assets, folders, scene objects, etc. (anything that can show up in the Selection.objects API).
  • History is preserved across script reloads and enter/exit of playmode.
  • Smart enough to ignore selections of objects that no longer exist (or that were in a scene that is no longer loaded).


Just clone/download this repo somewhere into your project and it should Just Work.

Mouse Back/Forward Buttons

I have not found a way to use the side buttons on a mouse for the history navigation in Unity yet. My hope is the release of the new shortcut manager will make this easy to accomplish. On Windows I am using AutoHotkey as a workaround. The included UnityInspectorHistory.ahk script can be used to add mouse navigation support.


I’ve tested this in Unity 2018.2+, but it should work from 2017.4 and later. Earlier versions aren’t supported because I depend upon the AssemblyReloadEvents class to prevent the loss of history during script reloads.

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