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An aseprite-file importer for unity written in C#, built upon the experimental AssetImporter API

Unknown VersionGNU General Public License v3.0Updated 316 days agoCreated on November 5th, 2018
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Aseprite-Importer for Unity

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This package helps you importing .ase files from aseprite. The reader is fully written in C# which reads the compressed binary file and creates spritesheets, sprites and animations out of it.


  • Creates a sprite sheet file (not dynamic)
  • Editable meta data like custom physics shapes with the ‘Sprite Editor’
  • Generates tilemap with extended-padding (solves lines tearing issue between tiles)
  • Makes animation files (not dynamic)
  • Creates an animation controller
  • New tilemap name rule support (row-col)

Demo GIF of AsepriteImporter

image image image



Unity Package

OpenUPM lets you install packages more easily by providing a downloadable unity package which will setup the package automatically. You can find the download on the following link:

openupm https://openupm.com/packages/io.tinu.asepriteimporter/



See: https://openupm.com/docs/getting-started.html#installing-openupm-cli

OpenUPM CLI Install
# Go to your Unity project directory

# Install package: io.tinu.asepriteimporter
openupm add io.tinu.asepriteimporter


  • In Unity open the Package Manager (Window > Package Manager).
  • In the Package Manager click on the Plus-Icon in the top-left and select Add package from git URL...
  • Enter the URL of this Repository (https://github.com/martinhodler/unity-aseprite-importer.git) and press Enter


See LICENSE file.

Note: As of Unity doesn’t include any editor scripts in the game, you don’t have to license your game under GPL.

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