Unity Texture 2D Array Generator


Texture2DArrayGenerator provides function or editor to make a Texture2DArray.

Import to Your Project

You can import this asset from UnityPackage.


You have to import following assets to use this asset.

How to Use

Use in Runtime

Texture2DArrayGenerator is quite simple. Pass some textures to Generate function. And then, it returns Texture2DArray instance.

public static Texture2DArray Texture2DArrayGenerator.Generate(IList<Texture2D> textures)

Use as Asset

If you need Texture2DArray as pre-compiled asset. It can be made from CustomWindow.

Pass the textures to CustomWindow and press the Generate button. Then, Texture2D asset will be generated in current Assets dir.

If you succeed in generate, a popup will be shown in CustomWindow. If you failed to generate, some error message will be shown in Console.