AReal is an iOS augmented reality app with a map of Saint Petersburg and it’s 3D landmark models. AReal is built with ARKit 1.5, Xcode 9.4.1, Unity 2018.1.1f1, and Maps SDK 1.4.4 for Unity by Mapbox.

To run AReal, you need an iPhone 6S, SE or above with iOS 11.0 or newer.


  1. Open the project in Unity Editor

If you just want to run AReal on your device without any changes, start with step 3.

  1. Editing scripts

Open the script in any C# editor, make the changes, build the script and switch to Unity Editor. Wait till Unity Editor reflects the changes.

  1. Exporting the project to Xcode

In Unity Editor, open File —> Build Settings. Check the scenes SupportScene and ArealMainScene, and make sure that iOS platform is selected. Set the path in Run in Xcode dropdown, click Build, choose a destination path and click Save. Wait till Build successful message appears.

  1. Building the app

Open the project in Xcode and set your team in Signing section. ARKit requires hardware to run a build, so a device should be connected and chosen as a target. Run the project.

  1. Enjoy!