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Unity editor extension that adds additional solution configurations to generated .sln/.csproj files.

Unknown VersionOtherUpdated 182 days agoCreated on November 13th, 2018
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SlnGen is a editor plugin that generates project/solution configurations for different targets in the Unity Editor.

VS Preview

VS Build Config


  • Adds solution configurations for Editor, Player, and Development Builds.
  • Compile-time checking (in IDE) for editor, and platform code usage.


Unity: 2018.1 or greater

IDEs: Tested with Visual Studio 2017, Rider 2018.


2018.3 or Higher

Add the following line to your project’s “/Packages/manifest.json” file.

"com.blackfeatherproductions.slngen": "https://github.com/jhett12321/Unity-SlnGen.git"


See Releases for a .unitypackage.

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