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Platform Simulation tools by Unity

Unity 2018.2.16f1MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on November 20th, 2018
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Platform Simulation tools by Unity, a 3-phase semester-long project for my CSUN COMP465 (Graphic System & Design) class.

The main objective and goal of this program is to simulate “Kinetic Art” for a Mechanical Hydraulic System, using multiple cubes that can freely move about the y-axis.

Full details of the program can be read in the program documentation here.


v0.3.2 containing some bug fix from the first release (v0.3.1) of the project is ready to be downloaded and played around. Link below pointing to the Github release page.

📦 Download .zip containing game’s .exe


Main MenuMain menu.

SetupSetup scene. Here, user can configure how big their platform size will be (max 50 x 50), spacing between each nodes, y-axis range for every nodes can get up to, and initial color in simulation.

ProgrammingProgramming scene. After user has configure their platform setup, they can now program all the platform nodes here, changing the height of each and every node to make up the “Kinetic Art” shape that they wanted.

SimulationSimulation scene. Enjoy the art.

Does it work?

Yes. Download the latest version of the project and start making your own Kinetic Art!

Where’s the project came from?

It’s a 3-phase semester long project for my COMP465 Graphics class. Throughout the semester, we build this program step-by-step - generating the platform dynamically on Unity via code, give every node their own internal code to manage their own height movement, create a manager to manage and controls the movement of all the nodes on the platform, and finally building the algorithm for the platform simulation.

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