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:sleeping: A random Van Gogh experience in Unity

MIT LicenseUpdated 157 days agoCreated on November 22nd, 2018


The Bedroom - A random Van Gogh experience in Unity


A randomly generated virtual Van Gogh painting that uses Poly objects created in the “VR World”.


  • Unity: 2018.2.15f1
  • Api Key is required for the project!
  • Settings file in Resources folder has 3 columns:
    • 1: Unique ID
    • 2: Unique name
    • 3: Maximum random number
  • Custom hack: Result object contains request’s keywords.
  • Known issues: Unfortunately it’s not possible to adjust the pivot point of an object and there is no option to set up the forward direction in Poly. These can be lead to interesting deformed positions/rotations in the Scene.

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