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Unity 2018.2.18f1GNU General Public License v3.0Updated 1 year agoCreated on November 29th, 2018
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Welcome to the Western World! This is a simple strategy game for iOs and Android that was developed in Unity. It contains ten levels with different scaling AI, a shop with items to make your completion of the game easier, and only on Android it contains multiplayer!

This game has been deployed to the App Store and Google Play, check it out!

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Getting Started

These simple set of instructuions will get Western World up and running within Unity on your computer.


The requirements to run Western World are as follows:

  1. Download and install Unity
  2. Obtain basic knowledge of Unity


You can download the source code for Western World by a couple of methods.

  1. Download the souce from GitHub.
  2. Use Git Bash and clone the project to your local repository by using the command:
git clone https://github.com/Szucs-A/WesternWorld.git

Running Western World

After gathering what was required; playing the game is simple.

  1. Start by opening the project in the Hub/Unity
  2. Then allow Unity to update depricated functions (Bring the project to a newer version of Unity)
  3. Then navigate to the project files inside Unity, find the Scenes folder and within it, double-click the Main-Menu scene.
  4. Lastly, with the Main-Menu scene open, you can simply run the game by clicking the play button at the top of Unity.

Built With

  • Unity; the engine that the game was programmed in.

  • XCode to compile and archive exports from Unity to the App Store on iOs.

  • Android Studio to compile exports from Unity to the Google Play Store on Android.

  • PUN Photon Network; the framework and server provider for easier networking within Unity (specifically for Android).


youwin gameplay1


This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License, please see the LICENSE file for details.


Unfortunately, I could not include the sounds and music for Western World due to a EULA but this will not effect the project.

Also thanks to Tessa Violet for allowing LOFIs to be used by patreons with credit and the TextMesh Pro plug-in. ❤️

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