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Unity Post Processing with Convolution Neural Network

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 315 days agoCreated on December 1st, 2018
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Neural Network Post Processing

(This Project is Working in Progress, could be with bugs)

Post Processing for Unity using Convolution Neural Network. CNN Model trained with pix2pix/GAN, Fast Neural Style Transfer You can create your style offline and train the network with your own data, making your NNPP!

  • Compute Shader based Neural Network Forward Pass, 10x faster than Keras
  • Trainer with pix2pix or fast-style-transfer
  • Keras model and weight discription to Unity

trained with Fast Neural Style Transfer:

How to Run:

Open HirezScene scene and run!


  • Unity 2018.2+
  • Compute Shader support (DX11+, Vulkan, Metal)


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