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An augmented reality android multiplayer pirate shooting game made using Vuforia and Unity

Unity 2018.1.3f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 254 days agoCreated on December 5th, 2018
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This is an augmented reality game made on unity. Multiple players can connect to a host lan network and play the game. Each players own a ship with cannons. Shoot and destroy other ships while dodging the islands, reefs and cannon balls. See if you can rule the wind and the tides aye matey !! ☠️
Watch the demo video here on youtube


Vuforia gif
Image Targets represent images that Vuforia Engine can detect and track. Unlike traditional fiducial markers, data matrix codes, and QR codes, Image Targets do not need special black and white regions or codes to be recognized. The Engine detects and tracks the features that are naturally found in the image itself by comparing these natural features against a known target resource database. Once the Image Target is detected, Vuforia Engine will track the image as long as it is at least partially in the camera’s field of view.

Unity Multiplayer Networking (UNET)

Multiplayer Networking is inherently detailed and complex. There are particular issues and difficulties associated with synchronizing and communicating between multiple instances of a project which are often running on different machines that could be in different and distant parts of the world.

With Unity’s built-in Multiplayer Networking and the associated High Level API (HLAPI), it is easier to make creating Multiplayer projects at beginner level.

Host player joined Client player joined

The above screenshots show a player hosting the game followed by another player joining

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