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L.A.I.R Learn About Influence Resistance

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L.A.I.R Learn About Influence Resistance

Work In Progress. Current Build 12 05 2018 230AM

How to Play:

  1. Jump around
  2. Get The Flute
  3. Keep the Flute
  4. Avoid the Bullies
  5. Charm the Bullied
  6. Unite the Bullied with your Mentors and Guardians.
  7. Bring the Mentors and Guardians to the Bullied for justice (no score system for that, it’s in the code I think, but not on the UI).


  • A or D and Left Arrow or Right Arrow Keys to move left or right
  • W, Space or Up Arrow Key to Jump
  • Enter key skips the intro and resets levels with a new one , you’ll get stuck in furniture/ a bug or a dull map sometimes.
  • Space bar speeds up the intro
  • GitHub"issues" tab can track your bug reports.
  • A lot of late art/sound hand ins couldn’t be placed
  • Web build failed some seven errors I don’t have time to fix.
  • No Mac version try building it yourself with latest Unity 2018.2.16f1

Design Document:


Elevator Pitch

Games can teach us that we have options for how we behave and that our behavior has consequences.


Side scroller platformer with a social responsibility message to resist peer pressure.


Medieval High School

Player’s Role

The player must resist peer pressure(potion pushers) and get his fellow students away from the bullies by running and jumping around the school with great agility and by making responsible choices.


Hero/Student Bully Bullied Distressia Calvin Uncool Mentors Resource Officer Faculty Potion Pushers

Beginning Status of the game:

Camera tracks down. Showing the top of a castle first. A bell tolls.

Camera tracks down over the face of the castle and pulls back to reveal our hero heading down the path and disappearing into the castle gate.

Then a horse drawn carriage arrives with fumes emanating from it, and as it comes to a stop beer steins and potion bottles with vapors fall out of the half open doors.

L.A.I.R is stamped onto the screen one letter at a time in a D.A.R.E. look alike typeface… Learn About Influence Resistance appears underneath in a sweeping fade transition. Hold the frame and fade to black.

Fade In. The great hall of the Castle, it’s lined with castle stuff, big chairs, stone pillars. long tables hanging candelabras, , windows with mullions https://www.pitt.edu/~medart/menuglossary/mullion.htm See: https://tinyurl.com/y9k2wyyq

The very moment we are on screen, our character is shoved to the ground by some students, the main bully of the map steals our hero’s hat/helmet/hair/spellbook/math homework.

“Fiend! That’s my , give it here!” our little person says

The bully responds “Tis mine now, serf. Thou has no chance to regain thy property. I scoff at thee. Ha!”, all the other bullies nearby giggle. Main Bully runs off through the map while our character picks himself off the floor. Some others appear and he gets knocked down one or two more times, the other bully’s just laugh as they rush past. They knock some other people down too.

The other people will give our player a message like “Someone should tell thy mentor” and “An Officer of the court would be displeased about this, I’m sure”, a “A scholar would know what to do.” and “There’s been so much unrest since the school band incident that we are never speak of” “Shhh” “Shhh”

The speaking characters don’t interact after this and the player is left to travel to the right where the screen will follow them.

Ending Status of the game: (What must occur for the game to be over, win or lose) The player must walk, run, and jump, from room to room of the castle/school over pitfalls, dodging falling debris, not getting into physical contact with the bullies or potion pushers, rescue the bullied, contact a teacher who follows the student to the next screen, they have to jump around to reach the resource officer, and then the trio all reach the Bully Boss. The map ends with stern words and then the bullies are embarrassed by defeat and detention in the dungeon.

Finally, at THE END: A great feast all the bullies are friendly and helpful in orange uniforms, serving food, tooting horns, playing harps. A big table of food, everyone is there having fun with the hero.

Storyboard 1: Start of game – This should reflect the venue of the game and location of characters) Player goes to his first day at school.

Storyboard 2: during Game Play

Player finds bullied kids, and saves them by bouncing next to them. You get the bullies and players to follow you using a flute power up. Jumping off platforms to go through the school.

Storyboard 3: End of Game

There was to be a feast for sinners and saints --er students and guests of the accomodating dungeons.

L.A.I.R. Game Sounds Required:

  • Ambient -
  • Background music - 8 bit/upbeat - (in progress)
  • Misty type sound maybe like a theremin (not exactly sure how to go about this but I have a concept)
  • Player sounds -
  • Footsteps, On wood, on wet stuff (done)
  • Damage sound (done)
  • Jump sound - (done)
  • Enemy/NPC Sounds -
  • Generic sound (done)
  • Possible per character sound (done)
  • Bully, Potion Pusher, Jester, C.Uncool, Sounds of fighting (done)
  • Walking sound/maybe unique (Kinda-ish done)
  • Bells for jokers (done)
  • See text in design document that is quoted, that is spoken (done)
  • Carriage sounds -
  • Galloping sound (done) lol its clapping)
  • Horse sound (done), made a whinny and a snort)
  • Wheel sound (done) by rolling a water bottle lol)
  • Grinding to a halt sound (done) its gravel noises)
  • Tearing out sound (done) can be redone if its shit. I forgot to save the original file that had the separate tracks.)
  • Boss Bullies -
  • Unique sound (done)
  • Walking (that weird mic tap I made could work, else I’ll figure something else out)
  • Gameplay -
  • Winning/losing (music)
  • Death (done), made two. One’s a simple “oof” that would be a solid damage sound as well, and the other is like “oooaaaaagh” lol transcribing this stuff in text is hard)

A side scrolling platform medieval high school adventure about resisting bad influences. lairtitle4sec


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