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Simple Unity Project to show how TCP communication are builded in C# without multi-threading or Unity network (Unet) involved.

Unity 2019.1.2f1MIT LicenseUpdated 261 days agoCreated on December 5th, 2018
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SimpleUnityTCP 🖧

A simple demo-project to show how TCP communication works on Unity environment, builded with C# and using System.Net.Sockets.

The main porpouse of this repo is to show the TCP communication on runtime, but also to provide a pretty commented and clear code so everyone else that wants to implement that kind of communication will be able without wasting a lot of time.

Video-Example 📲

example_app gif

How to Use 💻

If you only want to see the app working, just run the SimpleTCP.exe which is located on the build directory.

If you want to open the project, you will need to have Unity installed with the version 2017 or higher.

If you only want to scratch the code, either inside the unity project or simply dragging the .cs classes on your editor, you have to watch on to this classes, which are located on Assets:

  • Server.cs
  • Client.cs

More Explanations 📡

Note: Unity do not allow the save-use of Multi-Threading, so the application is using Co-routines instead.

The stablished communication and workflow stablished right now follows the next order:

  • Start the Server and let him waiting for client connections.
  • Start the Client and connect him to the server.
  • Server waits for client messages…
  • Client send the message Close to the server.
  • Server recives that Close message.
  • Server send a response to the client, sending the same message, Close.
  • Client recives the message, close the connection with the server and shuts down.
  • Server close the connection with the client.
  • Server shuts down
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