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An AR project about ACG role with Vuforia & AR.js

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An AR project about virtual ACG role

The animation part is designed by Lu Chen

The WebAR animation & music part are designed by @Pomevak

1.How to run our project

1.1 For Android version

  • Install our application use misaki_ar.apk

  • Open mistaki_ar,use your camera to focus on the target image

    (You can also use unity ios develop tool to built a ios version directly)

1.2 For WebAR version

You don’t need to install any application for this version, based on AR.js, you can download this respositroy and deploy the web version on your server, then you can use any browser to open your page, focus on the new marker

  • You will see Misaki

  • You can click “语音指令”,and say some instructions like “跳个舞吧”,“Misaki酱,请跳舞”,“M酱,唱首歌吧”,then Misaki will do related behaviors
  • You can click the buttons to control Misaki directly
  • You can use finger style to adjust Misaki’s position and size

2.Development environment

2.1 Android Version

Platform:Windows10 version1803

IDE:Android Studio 3.1.3/Unity2018.1.8f1

Kits:Xunfei Voice Recognition,Vuforia

SDK Tools Version:26.1.1

minSDKVersion: 16

targetSDKVersion: 26

2.2 WebAR Version

Frame: AR.js

Model: gltf

Speech recognition: Annyang

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