Ironman VR

Simple IronMan VR Demo

IronMan VR


It’s a small low-poly urban environment where you can be Iron Man! You can fly around with your boosters and shoot missiles at vehicles, tossing them around.


  • Iron Man Flight System using Handheld Boosters.
  • Missile Shooting System with Laser Pointers.
  • Smoke and Fire Particle Systems for:
    • Exhaust
    • Explosions
    • Missile Trails
  • Sound FX and BGM.
  • Haptic Feedback for Shooting and Flying.
  • Collision Detection and Physics.
  • Low-Poly Everything! Even the Skybox which also moves.

Credits for 3P Assets

  • AurynSky - Rockets, Missiles and Bombs (Used for Boosters, Shots)

  • Boxophobic - Skybox Cubemap Extended (Used for the Skybox)

  • Raffaele - Futuristic Weapons Set (Used for all Audio FX)

  • Vencreations - SimplePoly City (All Environmental Assets)

  • Valve - SteamVR (VR Toolkit)

  • Nelvana Limited - Beyblade Ending Music (BGM)


  • Triggers - Activate Boosters (Press Sensitive).

  • Pad Touch - Activate Laser Pointer.

  • Pad Click - Fire a Missile.

  • Grip - Wiggle for when you’re stuck in a Collision Glitch.