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The post processing unity plugin that let's you create different effects for the unity UI image/Sprite renderer component.

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This unity post processing plugin that let’s you create different effects for the unity UI image or Sprite Renderer component.

For static image only, not supporting animations.

How to use it?

Make sure that under the import settings for the texture, in Advanced, the Read/Write Enable option is enabled. Then attach the SpritePostprocessing.cs script to any gameObjects that have UI Image or Sprite Renderer component attached.

The SpritePostprocessing.cs will automatic find the source (which is the UI Image or Sprite Renderer component) and apply the effect to it.


  • Ignored Color: the pixels that have the silmilar color will be ignored and will not have effect applied to it.
  • Ignore Threshold: determines how two colors are silmilar.
  • Color muliplier: determines the color saturation.
  • Tint color: the tint color, only applies when post processing method “tint” was selected.


When changed the value, call ApplyTextureChanges() to apply the changes. When you want to reset the sprite to default, call Reset(). Also, enable/ disable the component will set/reset the post processing effect of sprite.


  • Editor View

Editor View

  • Example Preview


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