Tofu 3d


A Testable Object-Oriented Framework for Unity3D



tofu3d is a Unity3D framework built to be more unit-testable. We accomplish this by removing as much logic as possible from MonoBehaviours and putting them in well-behaving, well-tested, generalized non-MonoBehaviour C# classes. It also will contain some other core functionality for more test-based development, and a full plugin architecture that emphasizes maintainable, decoupled code and automated unit testing.


Can be included as a submodule and accessed within your project. tofu3d is built for games that are able to put their game logic separate from Unity’s physics and graphics. It would be a poor fit for a physics sim or small arcade game.


tofu3d is still under construction, and totally unstable. Will be adding in-project tests, demos and documentation when I have time. I am developing this as a submodule inside a game project, so expect this to be updated as I need more features in the game.

Currently includes dependency injection, a resource library system, and an event system.

Documentation to come.

Core Modules


A service (in either MonoBehaviour or plain flavours) can be bound to a ServiceContext and retrieved. It will also be injected into any other services bound in the same context.


Events are passed around in an EventContext with dynamic event payloads. Event listeners and triggers must all be bound in terms of an event context, which is a service in itself.

Resource Libraries

Resource libraries allow the serving and storage of items of a specified type. Each resource library is a service.


Can store and execute player/AI commands.


Holds an array of key-value pairs for config.

Included Plugins

Plugins are useful behaviour that relies on core functionality. Some plugins may have plugin dependencies.

Frame Update Service

A simple MonoBehaviour that sends an “Update” message with a delta time to all listeners.


Agents are objects with a location, ID, renderable sprite/model etc. that can have AI behaviour.

Resource Module

An object that contains some float amount of resource out of a possible max amount of resource, and includes methods for depleting/spending that resource and can trigger events from that. Could be used with any numerical resource, such as health in an RPG game or wood in an RTS.


I’m a computer science student using this to get a good understanding of system design etc. I do not know everything, and appreciate any feedback on the decisions I’ve made.