Gamecredits Unity3D


Unity3D Gamecredits inGame Payment Gateaway Api Plugin

Download and Import the GamecreditsSampleScene.unity file. The Easiest Way to Build, Deploy powered Gamecredits Games on Unity3d.

Demo :

alt text alt text alt text alt text

Recommend :

  • Root Server
  • 20 GB Space
  • Some Energy Drinks
  • php+apache Ready
  • Gamecredits Core running and full sync with gamecredits.conf …/Assets/GameCoreWallets/Gamecredits-Wallet/gamecredits.conf

Part I :

  • Create a subfolder in your root www dir /codes/.
  • Upload EasyGamecredits.php and QTCoreCalls.php to your codes subfolder on your Web Server from …/Assets/GameCoreWallets/UploadToWebServer.

Part II :

  • Open GamecreditsSampleScene.unity file.

  • Create a new Unity3D Project import assets.

  • Open GamecreditsSampleScene.unity

  • Navigate to Main Camera check inspector :

  • Change GameDemo Script :

  • $Payment Url = your web server url with the codes subfolder

  • $UserName = Gamecredits RPC UserName

  • $PassWord = Gamecredits RPC PassWord

  • $PaymentPort = Gamecredits RPC Port default 40001

Part III :

  • Start GamecreditsPaymentsSampleScene if everythink works correctly you can pay inGame with Gamecredits Gaming Cryptocurrency.

  • Welcome to the future Be your own Gaming bank Without any 3rd party.

  • Happy Coding.