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Unity library to dynamically keep multiple objects in camera view

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Dynamic Multi Target Camera for Unity

Concise Unity library which dynamically keeps a set of objects (e.g. players and important objects) in view, a common problem for a wide range of games.

The library was originally developed for, and used by Survival Ball, a game with a heavy shared screen local co-op component, requiring the camera to dynamically keep many key elements in view. More information about the library’s inner workings and underlying math in the related blog article.

Get it for free on the Unity Asset Store

Camera Multi Target Example Scene Video

Camera Multi Target Example Scene Screenshot


From Unity’s Asset Store

Available at https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/camera/camera-multi-target-dynamic-135922. Via Unity Editor, download and import the CameraMultiTarget folder into your project.

By importing CameraMultiTarget.unitypackage

The pre-built package can be downloaded from the repository’s releases here. After downloading the package, import it to your project via Unity Editor: Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package….

Or by cloning this repository

Clone entire repository (git)

This repository contains the complete Unity project which includes the library and an example usage scene. After you clone the entire repository using git, copy the Assets/CameraMultiTarget folder to your project

git clone https://github.com/lopespm/unity-camera-multi-target.git

Checkout specific features (SVN)

Since cloning a specific folder can be a quite convoluted process via git, you can checkout the Assets/CameraMultiTarget folder directly to your project using SVN:

cd <your_project_root_folder>
svn checkout https://github.com/lopespm/unity-camera-multi-target/trunk/Assets/CameraMultiTarget Assets/CameraMultiTarget

Or if you wish to only install the library without the example scene:

cd <your_project_root_folder>
svn checkout https://github.com/lopespm/unity-camera-multi-target/trunk/Assets/CameraMultiTarget/Library Assets/CameraMultiTarget/Library


Add the CameraMultiTarget component to a camera and then you can programatically set which game objects the camera will track via the component’s SetTargets(GameObject[] targets) method.

For example, you can set the targets in your game controller component (if you choose to have one), like the following:

public class ExampleGameController : MonoBehaviour
    public CameraMultiTarget cameraMultiTarget;

    private void Start() {
        var targets = new List<GameObject>();

    private GameObject CreateTarget() {
        GameObject target = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Capsule);
        target.transform.position = Random.insideUnitSphere * 10f;
        return target;

Example Scene

An example scene of the library’s usage is included in this repository and in the pre-built package located in the repository’s releases.

Games using Dynamic Multi Target Camera

Did you develop, or know about, a game using this library? Add it here via pull request

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