VR Box Input

VRBox Image


iOS Plugin for Unity to capture VRBox control inputs

The following steps show how to setup this asset:

  1. Make sure that you are using iOS platform in Unity
  2. Move the Plugins folder into the assets root.
  3. You must have had an Xcode project created, if not, Start a new build and Unity will create a new Xcode project.
  4. Open your Xcode project and go to the build settings
  5. Find Objective-c Bridging Header and copy and paste the following Libraries/Plugins/iOS/VRBox/VRBoxBluetoothController-Bridging-Header.h
  6. You will need to change Objective-c Generated Interface Header Name to VRBoxPlugin-Swift.h if you want to keep Objective-c Generated Interface Header Name with the Product name, then you will have to change this line #include "VRBoxPlugin-Swift.h" in file VRBoxBridge.mm with the product name, example #include "#includ "MyNewProductName-Swift.h"
  7. Finally, Search Runpath Search Paths, and add this @executable_path/Frameworks