Net Peeweek Gameplay Ingredients

Gameplay Ingredients for your Unity Games - A collection of scripts that ease simple tasks while making games and prototypes.


  • Unity 2018.3
  • Package Manager UI

How to install

You can use a manual, local package installation if you need to alter the code locally or automate the fetch of the repository by using a git address directly. The latter option shall download and manage automatically the repository, with the drawback of being read-only.

Manual Version

  • Clone repository somewhere of your liking
  • In your project, open the Window/Package Manager window and use the + button to select the Add Package from Disk... option.
  • Navigate to your repository folder and select the package.json file
  • The repository shall be added

Git reference version

  • With unity closed, edit the Packages/manifest.json with a text editor
  • append the line "net.peeweek.gameplay-ingredients": "", under dependencies

You can check that the package was imported by looking at the project window, under Packages/ Hierarchy, there should be a Gameplay Ingredients hierarchy