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Unity Quiz Game for children to learn English numbers

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on January 8th, 2019
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Quiz game for children to learn numbers and counting in English.

GAME DESCRIPTION This is a mini game that is part of larger game created as a group project at university, using Unity and C#. The mini game has a learning module and 3 levels of quiz type game. For children who cannot read fluently, there is a voice that reads aloud the content of the answer buttons when mouse hovers over them.

In level 1 an image of a number poses as the question and there are as many changes to choose the right answer as needed.

In level 2 the goal is to count the fruit and choose the button with appropriate amount. There is only one chance for a question.

In level 3 there is a timer, which changes color according to the amount of remaining time. The goal is to answer correctly to as many questions possible (about amount of fruit on images) in the time of 30 seconds.

GAME SCREENSHOTS Learning Module: alt text

Choosing a level: alt text

Quiz Level 1: alt text

Quiz Level 2: alt text

Quiz Level 3: alt text

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