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Based on Unity's Tutorial

Unity 5.6.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 238 days agoCreated on October 14th, 2017
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YASIC - Yet Another Space Invader Clone

The game is initially based on Unity’s Spaceshooter tutorial. To see what it originally looks like, check out the first 10 seconds of this video

Highlight Reel of Gameplay Features:

Visit to check it out! EDIT: Current version on has major errors. Please check the highlight reel and feel free to DM for more information~

Gameplay Changes

I added the following gameplay mechanics and there will be a brief description of how each of the features work.

Homing Missile

Two types of Homing Missiles are present:

Guaranteed Hit (WIP) - This type of missile perfectly tracks the position of the player. When the missile is spawned, it gets the position of the player and updates it as the player moves around the scene. The velocities in the x and z direction are adjusted based on the weight (importance) of the old/new velocity. This helps smoothing into a velocity direction and magnitude to prevent a sudden jerk movement. Vector 3 Slerp can also be used for this.

Almost-homing Missile - This missile shoots the bolt at an approximate position based on where the player was at time of spawning. The missile gets the position of the player on creation, and a force is added to the missile according to the relative vector position of the player according to the missile. The missile itself doesn’t track the player, the enemy ship does. There’s an instance of a player object that updates every frame to see where the player is, and fire at that location.

Spawning Babies

Not unlike the common myth of Stork carrying 10 pounds of a lifetime of responsibilities to your doorstep, this feature enables the asteroid that you destroy to spawn smaller and more annoying versions of itself. They are spawned in a circular fashion with dynamic angle allocation.

Watch Your Back

The term “Having eyes at the back of your head” works well in that case. Instead of falling off into the abyss, the asteroids decide to take revenge on you when you killed their babies, you monster. They bounce at a normal direction depending on their velocity and position of impact at the bottom of the screen, and float towards you.


This is fairly common across games and I’m a big fan of powerups. There’s currently 3 different types of powerups available.

Machine Gun (MG) - When you fire a shot, there’s a delay between the next shot that you can fire. When you pick up the Machine Gun, using the RMB will remove that delay for 2 seconds so that the bolts come out in a “machine-guney” way.

Rocket Shot (RS) - A special type of rocket that takes a while to deploy but destroys everything in it’s path.

Health Potion (HP) - Band-Aid for your boo-boo.

They work in a similar way as spawning hazards/enemies. They are not that common and they don’t have the same probability of spawning in the scene.

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