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PlacenoteSDK Multiplayer

A Unity project template to get you started creating a multiplayer augmented reality game using Placenote.


Placenote SDK: 1.6.0

Project’s Unity Version: 2018.1.1f1

Xcode: 9.3

Devices tested OS: 11.3

Getting Started

  • Clone this repository
  • Critical library files are stored using lfs, which is the large file storage mechanism for git.
    • To Install these files, install lfs either using HomeBrew:

      brew install git-lfs

      or MacPorts:

      port install git-lfs
    • And then, to get the library files, run:

      git lfs install
      git lfs pull
  • Open the project as a new project in Unity (Recommended: Unity 2018)
  • Register for a Free Photon Multiplayer Account and place your account’s “AppId” into the “PhotonServerSettings” in the editor.
photon appid

Video Tutorial

Link Pending

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