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Generate Unity Prefab from AdobeXD artboard

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Generate Unity Prefab from AdobeXD artboard

2019-02-13 21 47 09

Supported Unity Version

Unity 2018.3 ~
.Net 4.x ~

about xda


How to use

Install AdobeXD Plugin

2019-02-11 21 22 56

You can install plugin from the XD plugin manager.

Export artboard as xda

2019-02-13 22 02 19-1

Import Image Assets before import xda

2019-02-13 22 06 21

import image and change to Sprite. then it will attach to Image automatically if node name match to image name.

Import xda

only import xda file. prefab will generate and you can see prefab next to xda


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This library is under the MIT License.

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