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🔥🎮 First person 3D game made with Unity during the Valleyfield Gamejam 2019. Beautiful and immersive experience in a low poly maze. 💻

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 196 days agoCreated on January 21st, 2019
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🔥 Fire Inn 🔥

Made with Unity 3D and Blender


A few weeks ago, me and 7 of my friends went to a video game design competition. Being 7 low-level programmers, we tried to create a concept that would be out of the ordinary to overcome our lack of knowledge in modeling. Here is the result of 40 hours of hard work.

The theme determines the environment around which we have to design our game. In the case of the Valleyfield competition, the theme was an hostel.

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You are an innkeeper’s employee who has to fetch beer from the inn’s cellar, which is actually a procedurally generated labyrinth.

It is very dark in the cellar, which makes the experience more stressful, and that brings a new difficulty when you want to bring the beer to our employer.

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You will be equipped with a hand torch, which will allow you to see around you. Some wall torches will also be available on the walls of the cellar, allowing you to find your way back to the hostel to bring back the crates.

The death system of the player will work with the torch, which will go out gradually until we return to the hostel, or we will not find a campfire in the basement to regenerate it. You can see the intensity level of the flame at the top left of your screen.

You will notice at the top left of your screen that there are 4 bottles. Every time you find a crate in the basement, a bottle will turn green. Which means that you have a crate of beer on you, but it still has to be reported to the innkeeper. Once that’s done, the beer will turn blue. Meaning that it has been delivered.

If you die and the beer has not been delivered on time, you will lose it.

capture d ecran 2019-02-03 a 20 59 59

Once you have brought the 4 crates of beer on time to our innkeeper, you will receive congratulations from him.


Input Description
‘w’ Move forward in the environment
‘a’ Move backward in the environment
‘s’ Move left in the environment
‘d’ Move right in the environment
Mouse Move Look around you
‘f’ Pick/Drop the torch
‘e’ Interact with object


This game has been made by : Isaac Fiset, Pascal Canuel, Léo Bélanger, Charles Gourde, Justin Roberge-Lavoie, Esteban Chouinard, Thomas Leclerc and William Garneau(me).

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