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Ball Panic game for Android written in Unity

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 253 days agoCreated on February 6th, 2019
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Beta Test the app from Google Play Store:

you are a guy trapped in a gauntlet of bouncy balls that will kill you on touch. you shoot them with an arrow gun. big balls become two little balls. only the smallest ball disappears. each level adds a new twist. earn coins and upgrade starting weapon or pay for different character. balls randomly drop collectable weapons, timer boosts, and shields. a shield protects you from one ball interaction

the original game on the udemy course had numerous inneficiencies and problems that i solved here like a real programmer! 😄 this was my favorite game to program so far, it is challenging and slightly addictive. the gameplay is smooth for the most part, every now and again a ball might get trapped in an area you cannot shoot until the timer runs out and you lose, that’s part of the game all levels are beatable! I have tested each one on my phone. Frustrating at times, but definitely beatable.

since i’ve added google play and ads in other games, i didn’t feel a need to practice that skill here. enjoy the game without needing to click the “watch video ad” button, or make any real purchases. these are not implemented but will when i make a unique game from scratch


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