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The Unity Project files for the TSA Game 2017-2018 (Theme: RPG that is TSA themed)

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The Unity Project files for the TSA Game 2018-2019 (Theme: RPG that is TSA focused)

Project Members

Alan Goff

Ally Lo Re

Benjamin Berger

Chase O’Brien

Derek Blandford

Giuliana Cascarano

Gabriel Moncau (Team Captain)

Jacob Moss

Jacqueline Fogel

Justinsoye homas

Malcolm Widger

Mary Goncharenko

Matthew Mulhall

Pedro Ribeiro

Pryce Markson

Ronald Paez

Ryan Karp

Spencer Waldshan

Zaria Pirani

Normal = signed up for team, Italics = Honorable mention, Bold = official team member, Bold + Italics = Captain

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