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Mind the light is a multiplayer 3D game made in Unity.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 148 days agoCreated on February 6th, 2019
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Mind The Light

Mind The Light is a 2D multiplayer game made for a universitary project in which a player will have the role of the thief, whose job is to steal more items placed in random positions on the map, the other one will be the guard, who will have to find the thief before he completes the crime.


Mind the light is a unique stealth game made for Windows that allows the player to interact with his surroundings to gain advantages over the opponent.


Multiplayer, arcade, stealth




Player Experience, Game Objectives & Rewards

As soon as the game has started, which takes place in 3 different rounds, each of the two players will be randomly assigned one of the two roles available, namely the thief or guard. The thief’s goal will be to steal some hidden artifacts on the map, and then escape through one of the two available exits. The guard instead will have to try to protect the artifacts to prevent the thief from seizing it, which includes shooting. If the thief manages to steal and escape in time with the required artifacts then he will win the round. Otherwise, if the time expires or if the thief is caught by the guard, he will win the round. At the end of the three rounds, the player who has won the most rounds wins the game.


Gameplay Mechanics

The entire game map is in the dark. The guard will be supplied with a torch that allows her to see in front of her. The thief instead uses a night vision device to have expanded visibility. To make the game balanced the policeman will be faster than the thief to run around the map and will be notified when the thief steals an object by showing him with a sound and an arrow that will indicate the location of the stolen object. On the other hand, the thief will be able to see from the distance the light of the policeman in order to avoid the collision. In the map there are also fixed static lights that illuminate the area and all those who cross them, revealing their position and others that can be turned on / off via a switch. Also in the map there are plants (in the interior) and bushes (in the exterior), where the thief can hide. If the thief is “killed” by the guard, he loses all the objects he had stolen that are repositioned in the initial positions.

Control Scheme

The controls of Mind The Light! they are elementary: W, A, S, D or the directional arrows are the keys designated for the movement of the players in the map, while the guard can fire with the left key of the mouse. The map presents elements with which it is possible to interact with the E key, such as the doors, the artifacts to be stolen and the switches. Furthermore, when you are close enough to an interactive object, it will light up to let the player understand that it is possible to interact with it. As for the objects, they too will light up when a player approaches them, but after being identified by the thief they will change color: red if they are not required to win the game (they simply cannot be stolen) and yellow if they can (and therefore must) steal so that the thief can win the game.


Game Aesthetics & User Interface

The graphic style of Mind the Light evokes a pixellated 2D reality that was not created simply for an aesthetic issue but for a technical issue, as the game requires few computational resources and can even run on low-end PCs. Without considering the fact that this choice allows not to use objects that are too complex, which would have made the development of a project carried out by only two people too long. The development of modular tilesets in the realization of the map is perfect to decompose and recompose the game map during the design phase without much effort.




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