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The Entity Component System framework for Unity. Ease the pain of decoupling data from behaviors

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ACTORS -The Entity Component System framework for Unity

ACTORS is a complete game framework with multiscene editing, game object pooling and ECS ( entity-component-system ) data-driven approach for game logic explicitly built for Unity3d. It is used to ease the pain of decoupling data from behaviors without tons of boilerplate code and without unnecessary overhead.


  • ECS events ( can be extended with Unirx )
  • Very lightweight ECS syntax
  • Actors ( visual entity composer in the Unity Inspector window )
  • Built-in support for pooling
  • Built-in support for Unity multiscene editing
  • Built-in support for plugins with a pluggable wrapper that you can share with others/through projects
  • Built-in support for updates through ITick, ITickFixed, ITickLate - ( faster than Unity Update methods )
  • Signals ( in-memory publish/subscribe system and effectively replace Unity3d SendMessage )
  • Tags ( add simple tags to entities to define states )
  • Editor extensions ( foldout group in the inspector and tags editing )
  • Numerous monobehavior components to help interact with the framework
  • Templates for creating scriptable objects
  • Game console plugin for commands and cheats
  • Framework can be extended with ODIN inspector


  • Unity 2018 and higher

How to Install

From packages

  • Create a new Unity Project
  • Open the manifest.json file in the Packages folder inside of the Project
  • Add "com.pixeye.ecs": "",
  • Press Tools->Actors->Update Framework[GIT] in Unity to get new update when needed

From Unity


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