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Creating a nature game that implements AI Techniques in Unity

MIT LicenseUpdated 9 days agoCreated on February 12th, 2019


Welcome to HoneyPark! HoneyPark is a playground filled with kids playing, bees busily working and mischief all round!


The above is the intended layout of HoneyPark. The main playground is at the center of the park
Positioned at the top left there are two kids that will be playing tag. When one kid catches the next kid they switch
roles and chase the opposite person.
Positioned at the top right is a bee hive full of busy bees. These bees will travel around honeypark collecting pollen and nectar from
the miscellaneous flowers around and return to their beehive to store it. The bees will not bother the player unless
the player decides to hit the beehive if the player does this a swarm of bees will chase and attack the player.
There will also be a lake on the bottom right and a forest on the bottom left.
At the playground just behind the bench will be an ant mound where ants will come out in a line to gather crumbs it finds
around the floor.

The above is the storyboard for this assignment.

  1. This picture will pan the intro to the left side of the park.
  2. This picture will pan the intro to the right side of the park.
  3. This picture shows the two kids running around in the park.
  4. This camera angle will show the bees collecting pollen and ectar from the flowers.
  5. This camera angle will show 1 how the player can attack the beehive.
    and part 2 can show how if you choose to do this, you will be attacked by a swarm of bees.
  6. This camera angle will show the player being chased by bees. For a gameplay point of view i might implement the choice of
    going through a hedgemaze to show how to bees will navigate through it will focusing you. If not the movie will end with the
    player jumping into the lake to save him/herself from th bees attack
    EXTRA) I might add Barry Bee Benson from the Bee Movie as an easter egg to this assignment but im not sure how serious we need
    to make this assignment.
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