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A simple plugin for Unity for detecting the frequency / note of a monophonic audio source

Unity 2018.3.2f1GNU General Public License v3.0Updated 1 year agoCreated on February 23rd, 2019
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PitchDetector is a simple plugin for Unity for detecting the frequency of an audio source (ie, judging a player’s accuracy in a karaoke game).

For now, it’s a simple experiment and largely just a vehicle for getting used to Unity’s new ECS + Jobs framework. I’ve added the auto-correlation pitch detection method from PitchTracker, and then stumbled on the TarosDSP project; being that it was Java, I thought it’d be fun to bring over its FastYin implementation 😃


Setup is simple, just put GameObjectEntity, PitchDetector, and AudioSource components on your gameObject and hit Play. You can open the Entity Debugger window to enable / disable the different systems. There’s a demo scene included with the project for testing and for helping those who are truly stuck.

What’s Next

I’m not much for multi-threaded code, so for now it’s all been commented out of FastYin, though performance is already quite good there. The plan is to eventually jobify + burst compile all implementations to get used to Unity’s system and see what kinds of speedups we can achieve.

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